100 Free Classified Sites for Small Businesses in UK

Hello there 🙂

Today, while brainstorming on how a small business can afford to spend money on marketing specially the time is really bad. I thought a lot and then got the nice suggestion for all small business owners who are out there in the UK market. You might be wondering why I have chosen UK market first. There is no special reason but I started my career in UK so thought to publish this blog post which could be really very helpful for UK small business owner. If you think the following questions relates to your business then wait no further and read the entire post and if possible print this list and start marketing your lovely small business FREE of charge!

– Are you a small business owner and find it difficult to market your business within your local market in UK?

– You know that you are having a unique product or services but can’t afford to spend much on Marketing?

– Can you afford hiring a highly expensive “Marketing Consultants”?

I strongly recommend that you start advertising your products or services to local UK markets by listing your products or services on the following most popular Free Classified Ads Websites. If you think this list is really helpful, please post your comments!

1.     www.inetgiant.com
2.     www.yelldirect.com/freeadvertising
3.     www.Qype.co.uk
4.     www.adoos.co.uk
5.     www.ukclassifieds.co.uk
6.     www.itsmymarket.com
7.     www.adflyer.co.uk
8.     www.vivastreet.co.uk
9.     www.freeukclassifieds.co.uk
10.  www.classifiedsforfree.com
11.  www.adtrader.co.uk
12.  www.jihoy.com
13.  www.backpage.com
14.  www.usfreeads.com
15.  uk.freeads.net
16.  www.olx.org.uk
17.  www.webclassifieds.us
18.  www.findit.co.uk
19.  www.beatyourprice.com
20.  www.classifieds.aol.co.uk
21.  www.bravenet.com/webtools/classified/
22.  www.freeadvertisingforum.com/
23.  www.adlandpro.com/
24.  www.usnetads.com/
25.  www.skelbimai.co.uk/classifieds/
26.  www.freeclassifiedlinks.com/
27.  www.freeadscity.com/
28.  www.photoads.co.uk/
29.  www.adpost.com/
30.  www.iclads.com/
31.  www.ablewise.com/
32.  www.gumtree.com/
33.  www.highlandclassifieds.com
34.  www.hallolondon.co.uk
35.  www.oodle.co.uk/
36.  www.kugli.com
37.  tumano.com
38.  www.freeadlists.com
39.  www.locanto.co.uk
40.  www.justoneuk.com
41.  www.muamat.com
42.  www.adtoad.com
43.  www.mcslist.com
44.  www.zuxxx.com
45.  www.roastbeef.co.uk
46.  www.holton.com
47.  www.zoomyourworld.com
48.  www.skelbimai.co.uk/property
49.  www.iabolish.com
50.  www.interking.com
51.  www.freeadvertisingblog.com
52.  www.porkypost.com
53.  www.cliqs.com
54.  www.1stopclassifieds.net
55.  cardiff.adzooks.co.uk
56.  www.bestads.com
57.  www.preloved.co.uk
58.  www.friday-ad.co.uk
59.  www.loot.co.uk
60.  london.adzooks.co.uk
61.  www.gwub.com
62.  theukads.com
63.  www.roastbeef.co.uk/post_free_classified_advert.pl
64.  www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/services2
65.  www.londonglue.com
66.  www.classifieds9.co.uk
67.  www.londondirectory.co.uk/directory/Classifieds/
68.  london.annonz.co.uk/
69.  www.ezish.com/
70.  www.pamscom.co.uk/england/greater-london/
71.  londonpbb.com/
72.  www.londonclassifieds.net/
73.  www.noticeboard.uk.net/ads.php/london
74.  www.hotfroguk.co.uk/Products/free-classified-ads
75.  www.ici-londres.com/en/pa.html
76.  en.advisto.com/classifieds-auctions-london.htm
77.  london.tapthat.co.uk/c/personals/
78.  www.classifiedslive.co.uk/
79.  www.londondrum.com/classified-ads/
80.  www.nmads.co.uk/
81.  www.adeex.co.uk
82.  london.yakaz.co.uk/
83.  www.ozadz.com/
84.  www.ukfastads.co.uk
85.  www.blikk.co.uk/
86.  london.londinium.com/91893
87.  www.postlocal.co.uk/
88.  www.hifreeads.co.uk/freeads-chingford-33991-0.html
89.  www.jobs2find.co.uk/london.html
90.  www.myeasyads.com
91.  www.londonlist.co.uk/
92.  www.wearelondoners.co.uk/
93.  www.indianreunited.co.uk/
94.  www.flesko.co.uk/directory/
95.  www.adsplanet.co.uk/
96.  london.adayada.co.uk/
97.  localclassifiedads.co.uk/home.htm
98.  www.secondhandfinder.co.uk/
99.  londonadspot.com/
100. www.adireo.com/

I have an excellent experience working on the above sites. If you would like to list your business on the above site and leave a great impression to your customers, please let me know!




1. http://www.inetgiant.com

2. http://www.yelldirect.com/freeadvertising

3. http://www.Qype.co.uk

4. http://www.adoos.co.uk

5. http://www.ukclassifieds.co.uk

6. http://www.itsmymarket.com

7. http://www.adflyer.co.uk

8. http://www.vivastreet.co.uk

9. http://www.freeukclassifieds.co.uk

10. http://www.classifiedsforfree.com

11. http://www.adtrader.co.uk

12. http://www.jihoy.com

13. http://www.backpage.com

14. http://www.usfreeads.com

15. uk.freeads.net

16. http://www.olx.org.uk

17. http://www.webclassifieds.us

18. http://www.findit.co.uk

19. http://www.beatyourprice.com

20. http://www.classifieds.aol.co.uk

21. http://www.bravenet.com/webtools/classified/

22. http://www.freeadvertisingforum.com/

23. http://www.adlandpro.com/

24. http://www.usnetads.com/

25. http://www.skelbimai.co.uk/classifieds/

26. http://www.freeclassifiedlinks.com/

27. http://www.freeadscity.com/

28. http://www.photoads.co.uk/

29. http://www.adpost.com/

30. http://www.iclads.com/

31. http://www.ablewise.com/

32. http://www.gumtree.com/

33. http://www.highlandclassifieds.com

34. http://www.hallolondon.co.uk

35. http://www.oodle.co.uk/

36. http://www.kugli.com

37. tumano.com

38. http://www.freeadlists.com

39. http://www.locanto.co.uk

40. http://www.justoneuk.com

41. http://www.muamat.com

42. http://www.adtoad.com

43. http://www.mcslist.com

44. http://www.zuxxx.com

45. http://www.roastbeef.co.uk

46. http://www.holton.com

47. http://www.zoomyourworld.com

48. http://www.skelbimai.co.uk/property

49. http://www.iabolish.com

50. http://www.interking.com

51. http://www.freeadvertisingblog.com

52. http://www.porkypost.com

53. http://www.cliqs.com

54. http://www.1stopclassifieds.net

55. cardiff.adzooks.co.uk

56. http://www.bestads.com

57. www.preloved.co.uk

58. www.friday-ad.co.uk

59. www.loot.co.uk

60. london.adzooks.co.uk

61. www.gwub.com

62. theukads.com

63. www.roastbeef.co.uk/post_free_classified_advert.pl

64. www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/services2

65. www.londonglue.com

66. www.classifieds9.co.uk

67. www.londondirectory.co.uk/directory/Classifieds/

68. london.annonz.co.uk/

69. www.ezish.com/

70. www.pamscom.co.uk/england/greater-london/

71. londonpbb.com/

72. www.londonclassifieds.net/

73. www.noticeboard.uk.net/ads.php/london

74. www.hotfroguk.co.uk/Products/free-classifiedads

75. www.ici-londres.com/en/pa.html

76. en.advisto.com/classifieds-auctions-london.htm

77. london.tapthat.co.uk/c/personals/

78. www.classifiedslive.co.uk/

79. www.londondrum.com/classifiedads/

80. www.nmads.co.uk/

81. www.adeex.co.uk/services/…/home-refurbishments-london

82. london.yakaz.co.uk/

83. www.ozadz.com/

84. www.ukfastads.co.uk

85. http://www.blikk.co.uk/

86. http://london.londinium.com/91893

87. www.postlocal.co.uk/

88. www.hifreeads.co.uk/freeads-chingford-33991-0.html

89. www.jobs2find.co.uk/london.html

90. www.myeasyads.com

91. www.londonlist.co.uk/

92. www.wearelondoners.co.uk/

93. www.indianreunited.co.uk/

94. www.flesko.co.uk/directory/internet…/general-classifieds.php

95. www.adsplanet.co.uk/

96. london.adayada.co.uk/

97. localclassifiedads.co.uk/home.htm

98. www.secondhandfinder.co.uk/

99. londonadspot.com/

100. www.adireo.com/

101. www.spot-lighter.co.uk/london-kent/londonfreeclassifieds/

102. www.londonsuperads.com/Apartments_Classifieds/index.aspx

103. london.theboxwarehouse.co.uk/North-West-London/

104. little-london.pamscom-isle-of-man.co.uk/

105. www.thelondonservices.com/advertisement-on-website.html

106. www.easyads.co.uk/find_local_classified_ads_in_London_23.html

107. sitoshop.co.uk/city-londonclassifieds-ads.html

108. www.citixs.com/Forms/Classified/classified.aspx


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26 Responses to 100 Free Classified Sites for Small Businesses in UK

  1. Fredi says:

    Free Classifieds London Treeads.com

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  3. We have recently launched a specialised classified web portal just for services. This provides lot of user friendly and much needed fetures for service classifieds.


  4. Advert Base says:

    You are missing http://www.advertbase.com. Its new and getting updated with features but should mention that its really getting better and better

    • kpobuddy says:

      Indeed a nice site. I will surely include the same in my next post on classified sites.

      Do you have any requirements of doing online research or may be doing SEO for advertbase? I can certainly provide you the required services.

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  7. Mr.vinod says:

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  8. mark says:



    I am looking for someone who can handle my Personal and Business errands at his/her spare time..
    Someone who can offer me these services: Mail services, Receive my mails and drop them off at the Post ,Shop for Gifts Bill payment ( pay my bills on my behalf),Sit for deliveries( at your home) or pick items up at nearby Post Office at your convenience.
    I would love to meet up with you to talk about this job but I am currently away on business. I am in Australia so there will be no interview. I will prepay you in advance to do my shopping. I will also have my mails and packages forwarded to your address. If you will be unable to stay at your house to get my mails, I can have it shipped to a post office near you and then you can pick it up at your convenience. When you get my mails/packages; you are required to mail them to where I want them mailed to. You don’t have to put money out of your pocket, all you have to do is have packages
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    I wait to read from you.
    Kind Regards.

  9. Mrs Benson Walker says:

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  10. shabana says:

    Any one want huge list of free Classified Ad Sites List,
    just Visit

  11. Great list! You have been really helpful. I had saved a lot. My brother would definitely try these links too! 🙂 Promoters would go crazy over this. Thanks a lot!

  12. kpobuddy says:

    thank you for commenting on my blog.

  13. kpobuddy says:

    thank you. Canadadeal.ca is really a nice site.

  14. Mohamed says:

    Could you add my websites to the list
    Free classified ads ad ads without register or login

    http://buynow-us.com (English)
    http://souq4arab.com (arabic)

    Thanks ,

  15. Paul says:

    Great list. Thank you very much for sharing with us
    Another free classified website that you can add to the list is http://www.koppafreeclassifiedads.com/


  16. Elihu Brent says:

    Hi kpobuddy. Nice list of free classifieds you have here. Here’s another one that I’ve been using: http://www.usedsandwell.co.uk/. It’s great for small businesses and people who wants to sell (or buy) used items online.

    Elihu Brent
    Free Classifieds

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