Twitter or Blogging

Twitter or Blogging

Most Twitter users still do not know the basic principles of the site. You don’t need to choose between Twitter and blogging because the social network is viewed a micro-blogging site as well. You can blog about anything as long as you consume the 140-characters. The short blogs are more personal and you can post anything.

What can you do on Twitter? Once you’ve created your own profile page, you can now post blogs. You can do it every minute, every hour, or a couple of times everyday. You can also follow bloggers and other users, create conversations by replying to the tweets sent to you. Through constant conversation, you can easily build good relationships. You don’t have to log to the Twitter site all the time because you can also receive and reply tweets through your IM or cell phone.

However, there are also bad points in utilizing Twitter. Your blogs will be limited to only 140 characters. For those who want to post longer blogs, Twitter is not for you. You must also use the code provided in giving replies.

Many new users commit certain mistakes in using Twitter. A few of them don’t use real pictures, they send too many impersonal tweets, they use AutoDM wrongly, they spam e-mail, etc; don’t commit these mistakes so that you can have more fun in using the social network site.

If you do not want to get bored, you should find friends on Twitter and get as many followers as possible. If you can find friends, try to encourage your friends to join so that you can start using the site. It’s very simple to join and it’s free. Now, you can send tweets at any period during the day.

For a more memorable Twitter experience, you can contribute Twitter to your browser so that when you see it, you will use it most of the time. Try to post helpful tips and fascinating articles. Answer the messages you receive. If you simply give some of your precious time in sending tweets and in communicating with your followers, you will more than likely have a great time using Twitter. You can also add Google Talk so that you can follow your friends and monitor your followers even without opening your browser. You can also post replies and new tweets through the Google Talk.

Micro-blogging is for individuals who want to write short blogs. Blogs are normally long and in Twitter, you will simply write very short blogs. It is more personal and you can let everyone know what you’re doing. If you prefer, you can likewise post pleasurable and carefully-researched tweets. There are also those who join Twitter to conduct online marketing. Well, whatever your reasons are, you’re free to use the site.

Apart from blogging, Twitter is also for social messaging. Its’ very simple to type status updates. You can follow as many people as you like and you can likewise maintain many followers. You can interact with them online or through your mobile device. There are also small groups on Twitter that helps you in coordinating pursuits or events especially if some of your friends or followers are from the same area.

On the whole, Twitter is a business instrument, social messaging, micro-blogging, reporting service, and marketing utility. Twitter or blogging? Well, it doesn’t actually matter.

Everything you want is in Twitter.

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