How small businesses (especially non-technical business owners) can utilize Web 2.0 (mainly blogging) to increase the sales

2988424007_d890f79986Web 2.0 is not only about technical tools it is more about listening your customer’s voice more deeply. When you look around, you will find almost all global companies have a team called “Customer Feedback Team” but how many of these businesses actually implement the same to improve their businesses.

Web 2.0 has lot of benefits but the most important one is that it gives a Customer full freedom to discuss about the product or services business around him currently offering.

Web 2.0 is also referred to as “Social Media”. We have bunch of popular social media tools like:

If we study online researches being conducted in the past, we can say out of all popular social media tools currently available, Blogging is one of the most favorite among the Internet savvy customers. (According to Universal McCann research report, 72.5% people read blogs compared to 63.2% people visit a photo sharing website). I hope you have got my point here, yes correct, start utilizing the most popular web 2.0 tools to increase your business. “Create a blog”.

The best part is you don’t need to spend a single penny to create a blog. You can utilize following free blogging services to create a blog for your business: (Top 10 results on the Google Search Engine)

Most of these services offer free hosting also, what you need is the best customer-rich information about your products and services.

Only to have a blog is not enough!

You can look around, there are many organizations now have a blog. What we are missing here is the good natural contents to post on the blog. I recommend you organize the blog by taking the following steps, I am sure your prospects will definitely enjoy reading your blogs and will contact you for either purchasing your product or utilizing your professional services.

Blog Title – It should be simple, clear and concise so the prospects understand what your blog all about is.

Blog Tagline – It is normally displayed exactly under the Blog Title. Remember the phrase “First impression is everything”, utilize the tagline the best possible way.

Blog Theme – I suggest use nice, clear and professional looking theme. (White background preferred)

Blog Posts – Answer this simple question in details before writing any blog post: “How would your customer be benefited reading your posts?” (hidden question should be “How would you motivate the customer about purchasing a specific product after reading a post?”)

– Set up proper blog categories and tags with each post.

– Place atleast 1 image on each post to make it more attractive.

– Don’t do direct marketing on the blogs, prospects are not interested. Prospects are more interested in finding about how they can satisfy their current needs. Provide nice tips, product reviews and tricks on various topics related to your industry.

I can provide you free consultation on how to setup a blog.


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One Response to How small businesses (especially non-technical business owners) can utilize Web 2.0 (mainly blogging) to increase the sales

  1. I am currently trying to get my degree online. I have to go this route because I need to work full time as well. Thanks for the great post I found it helpful!

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