What is a Webinar? How does webinar work?

Webinar also referred as web conferencing or online seminar. Webinar enables individuals or businesses in order to present valudation information easily, securely and cost-effectively. Informations like demo of a new product or services can be communicated effectively to the customers who are based on different corners of the world. Webinar helps businesses to reach customers more effectively than regular in person events because there is no need to plan travel or researve conference space.

Webinar had been developed by keeping following things in mind.

– Reach the world

– Increase Prospects

– Travel Less – save energy

Reach the world:

Person who is arranging webinar have the facilities to invite anyone from any part of the world. They simply needs to either send an email or an invitation to join webinar from the webinar account.

Increase Prospects:

Webinar can be presented to over 1,000 prospects at a time.

Travel Less – Save Energy, Save Planet!

You are reaching to 1000 customers at the same time and not travelling to their doors. We are saving huge amount of energy and making our planet greener.

How Webinar works:

Internet conferencing enables several communication components to synergistically work together, enhancing the benefits and features being used. Several collaboration tools support the web meeting with:

  • Desltop, Application and file sharing
  • Co-browsing the internet
  • White boards
  • Polling/Surveying
  • Text messaging
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Private meeting rooms

Your online conference will combine all or some of these features and will bring to life your online meeting as if you are all in a board room together, looking at the same presentation, real-time.

Desktop, Applications and File Sharing

Imagine sharing your desktop and files with others as if they are sitting at your own desk. This is what application and file sharing is all about. It’s simple, effective and highly productive. In this mode, you have shared workspace with everyone on the web conference. Each of the participants will be able to view the file and documents, with all ongoing edits visible and real-time. You may also give control of your desktop over to someone else so that they may take part in doing the editing from their remote location.


Co-browsing is a feature that allows two or more participants of a web conference to simultaneously browse the same search over the internet. This feature is beneficial as a customer service tool, which allows clients to be taken, step-by-step, through a corporate website. This tool is useful for sales presentations, product descriptions, data presentations, product education and much, much more.

White Boards

White boards are simply an online version of a white board you would see in a boardroom brainstorming session, except it is online for all to see. This is a handy feature which allows everyone in the meeting to make their own addition, changes, and

revisions to the board. Or, it may be set up as a view only feature, with the host of the web conference the only person with access to the board.

Polling & Surveys

Many online meetings require customer or participant feedback. Online polling and survey features allow for participant responses and feedback to be tabulated and stored.

Text Messaging

In addition to the audio portion of a web conference, text messaging allows for sending and receiving text to participants in the meeting. It may support not interrupting a speaker, or be used to have a hard copy of the communication for documentation.

PowerPoint Presentations

A standard presentation tool, PowerPoint presentations permit simultaneous viewing amongst conferencing members for visual demonstration purposes. With file sharing enabled, the presentation can be downloaded and saved for one’s own future reference.


Miss the meeting? No worries, since most online conferencing companies offer call recordings and playback capabilities. Archived online meetings keep everyone in the loop, with no excuses for flat tires.

How a typical webinar runs:

Web conferences will vary depending on the software, hosting and how the moderator chooses to run the meeting. Here are some of the most common steps used for online meetings:

HOST = The person who is hosting a webinar meeting.

  • The host compiles documents; files etc for the meeting and have them distributed (often by the host)
  • The host distributes the time and date for the online meeting and uses meeting software to invite guests via email
  • Attendees accept/reject the invitation and their calendar program will add the meeting to their schedule
  • The host ensures conferencing software is enables and working before the meeting
  • Guests select the URL invite and enter a pass code to attend the call
  • Participants arrive onto the call, which may enable a chime that introduces a new participant entering the call
  • The visual portion of the meeting takes place in the meeting software or in a web browser
  • Participants communicate via selected services, typically audio and video, with voice chat, instant messaging, desktop sharing etc.
  • The call is closed and participants simply close their program to log out of the meeting.

Popular webinar services / tools

Nice information on Webinar technology:

Website that use Webinars for leadership trainings


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2 Responses to What is a Webinar? How does webinar work?

  1. andy stewart says:

    Personally, I use Showdocument for online teaching and web conferencing. I’m not saying these programs aren’t good,
    But I think a web-based application is always better, since there’s nothing to download or install.
    try it at http://www.showdocument.com . -andy

    • kpobuddy says:

      Thank you for referring me to showdocument. It is indeed a great tool and I agree with your suggestion about Web-Based application. You might agree at some point that there are many business still thinking of using desktop based application as they think their data might be in somebody else control when using web-based application. Traditional way of doing businesses 🙂


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