Very nice and useful websites – Small Business Development – If you are buying a new laptop, You will find this website highly useful as it contains really nice reviews of all major laptop brands. – Who would like to pay for MS Word when you have completely free Open office suite available. What more, on this website you will find nice trips and ideas on how best Open Office applications like sCalc, sWriter or sImpress can be utilized. – Are you looking for Web design courses or web design schools in your local area? Are you looking for developing your career as a web designer? Then you must go through this website and read the entire site properly 🙂 – Noupe is a good resource for finding lots of new and fresh design inspirations. If you are a passionate designer, you must visit this site atleast once a day.

Duct Tape Marketing – Nice articles and resources specially for small business owners. All nice marketing tools and materials.

I hope you had enjoyed visiting the above websites. Please leave your feedback.




About kpobuddy

We are a team of highly experienced and professional Web Designers, Web Developers, Virtual Assistants, Marketing or Business Development Managers. You can find more information about us by visiting our website: We are truly inspired by Customer Satisfaction and provides world-class quality services to all our clients. Main Services: Web Design Graphic Design Website Development Open Source Development Virtual Assistant KPO Marketing Business Development
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