Fantastic Collection of Free Business Tools – Six Tools – Collection 1

I am very good in Online Research. I am posting here very useful websites. These following websites would definitely be of great help specially when you are setting up a small or medium size business. I request you to go through the same and help yourself with these tools.

1. – Have you ever wished to test your websites in all the IE versions at one go? Go to the debugbar and find out how easy it is and the good thing about debugbar is that it is completely free!

2. – Free Online Diagramming software. This is really cool. Try creating Organogram, I am sure you will love it.

3. – Free Online Business Accounting Software for small business owners. If you would like to purchase the same it is only $ 4.99 per company per month.

4. – I will use this tool for Image Optimization. No charge to use this, so go ahead and try what are you waiting for.

5. Freelancers Estimation Assistant Tool – Freelancing is not easy. Costing about freelancing activities is every more difficult, But not anymore, go through this tool and use it on daily basis. I am sure you will love it 🙂

6. Backup Storage and Syncronization Tool – It is not a nightmare to take a backup of your data. It is a free tool use it and see how easy it is to recover your lost data.

Happy Reading 🙂


M Patel


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