Six Interesting Websites One must see!

Dear Guests,

My name is M Patel and I am the owner of MS IT Consultants. I am currently providing services from Remote location. My motto is to give customer more than what he expect. By keeping this motto in mind, I have decided to post interesting links on a daily basis which would help you or your business in a direct or indirect way.

From today onwards, I will be writing about 6 (six) interesting websites which one must see. They are interesting and I am sure you will fall in love with them. You must be thinking why only 6 and note more. First thing, 6 is my lucky number and also the distance between the character “M” and “S” is also 6.

1. – Did you have ever thought how much your website worth? Find out by using this fantastic online tool.

2. – Go through the website and I am sure you will be amazed by the collection of the photos the author has. Check out the fantastic collection of Indian Matchboxes.

3. – Do you love your house? yes ofcourse, then go and have a look at this site. You will find fantastic ideas on home decorating.

4. – Go and have a look. Specially for those who love eating 🙂

5. – Are you a small business owner? Want to make a huge impression to your clients. I request you to check this website and take the inspiration of having a nice business card. Trust me, business card design helps you a lot in building brands.

6. – I am sure you are aware about Google Web Applications. But are you aware of even better web application which is being developed by Apple Team?

That is it for today. Leave your comments on my findings. I am currently working and will find you some more nice 6 websites soon.

Thank you for passing by 🙂


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2 Responses to Six Interesting Websites One must see!

  1. Lala says:

    Stimator is really interesting. You can also try – a free tool that provides a nice summary of the website performance.The estimation provided by estimix is the result of a complex analysis based on factors like: the age of the website, the demographic structure of the traffic, the countries where the website is popular and sources of the traffic.

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